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Book Chapters
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Published Medical Abstracts
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Doctoral Symposiums:
N. Kamal. (2011). Appeal, Belonging, Commitment (ABC) Conceptual Framework and a User Centered Design Process: An online social network for positive health behavior change. SoCS (Social Computational Systems) Workshop. NSF funded. Minneapolis, MN. June 9 - 11, 2011.

Other refereed contributions (posters):
C. Cressman*, H. Novak Lauscher, N. Kamal, L. Ferdinands, K. Ho. (2007). Clinipearls: Collaboration for electronic decision support at the point of care. Guidelines International Network Conference. Toronto, ON (Poster Presentation) (International Conference). 
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Non-refereed conference proceedings:
N. Kamal, S. Fels, & M. Blackstock. (2011). Appeal, Belonging, Commitment (ABC): A framework for healthier living using social networks. NCE GRAND 2011, Vancouver, BC (May 12-14, 2011). (Student reviewed - Acceptance Rate 60%)

Non-refereed contributions (posters):
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